Search and Rescue Harness for Dogs – 5 of the Best are Here!

Most working dogs usually wear a special kind of vest that lets other people know their specific tasks. Generally, service dogs under the SAR team wear search and rescue harness for dogs. Wearing that kind of doggy gear helps people in identifying that dog is a working dog having a particular task as a search and rescue dog.

In this blog post, we listed and reviewed 5 of the best search and rescue dog harness available in the market. Personally, I already tried some of those in our previous SAR training with my doggo. See which one is highly functional.

Dogs for Search and Rescue Operations

It is obvious that dogs have broad numbers of capabilities of which some tend to be advantageous in our everyday living. In fact, dogs are classified under different working categories from therapy dogs, to K9, to service dogs. The search and rescue field is another workforce where this four-legged animal also excels.

Generally, the search and rescue dogs function in locating missing people in the middle of the wild, after a disaster, and in any other kind of environment. Here are some of the characteristics of canines that make them a perfect candidate for being a part of the SAR team.

*Having an amazing olfactory system

The fact that dogs have 115 million to 300 million receptors in their olfactory system, that part of their body also has the ability to find out individual scents. Aside from that, they can excellently determine a single component of a compound odor. They can also find out the exact location of where the odor is without going on top of it.

*They are excellent hunters

Basically, dogs do not learn how to hunt. But, still, they have all the physiological characteristics that allow them to locate and catch their target. Because of the ability of their ancestors to travel miles, this characteristic runs on their blood. With that, dogs can travel distances while having sufficient stamina to run after their prey.

*Bred to work collaboratively with people

Among all of the creatures in the kingdom of Animalia, dogs are the only ones who can make a connection and communicate with us. They can generally learn socially as they can able to watch the activities of their human buddies and replicate them as much as they can.

Getting the Dog Involved in Search and Rescue Training

It is actually not difficult to train your dog in search and rescue activities and be a part of it. Getting your dog involved in SAR training includes the following options.

Training for Private Search and Rescue

If you want to make the training fast and effective, you may generally consider hiring a professional dog trainer that can help you and your dog learn the SAR tasks. Those professional dog trainers basically give an assurance that the canine in training gets excellent instruction. Moreover, those trainers will teach you in becoming the best potential SAR dog handler.

It is actually important to talk with the trainer and inform him about the type of SAR tasks that you are highly interested in. Also, inform them if you want to have a certification in this field. Let them know the organization that you what to get you certified as well. Normally, the setting of the private search and rescue training involved a one-on-one system or the “in kennel” training.

Have a collaborative work with the K9 SAR team

Searching the internet, you will land on finding a search and rescue team working within your state. However, keep in mind that not all SAR operating groups use K9s and not all of them are generally equal. In case the SAR team in your area also needs K9s in the group and they seem to be active, most likely, they will be an excellent training source.

Moreover, involvement in a local search and rescue team is also a great avenue if you aim to be an operational SAR staff. On the other hand, this training option is not for you if you only want to learn the basic ways of trailing with your doggo.

Attending group lessons

Another best way to learn search and rescue tasks is by attending group classes. If you are just a starter here, this is an excellent way to go. A big advantage of it is that you don’t have to invest more of your time or money with it. Yet, depending on the facility, the content of K9 SAR training will generally vary.

Moreover, involvement in search and rescue operations necessitates you to provide your dog with the appropriate equipment needed for their new tasks. One of the most essential pieces of equipment that they should have is the search and rescue harness for dogs.

Search and Rescue Harness for Dogs – 5 of the Best are Here!

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